Regulation 10

Regulation 10 - Information, instruction and training - Excerpt from "The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012" - Crown Copyright 2012

10-(1) Every employer shall ensure that adequate information, instruction and training is given to those of his employees -

(a) who are or who are liable to be exposed to asbestos, or who supervise such employees, so that they are aware of -

(i) the properties of asbestos and its effects on health, including its interaction with smoking,

(ii) the types of products or materials likely to contain asbestos,

(iii) the operations which could result in asbestos exposure and the importance of preventive controls to minimise exposure,

(iv) safe work practices, control measures, and protective equipment,

(v) the purpose, choice, limitations, proper use and maintenance of respiratory
protective equipment,

(vi) emergency procedures,

in order to safeguard themselves and other employees; and

(b) who carry out work in connection with the employer's duties under these Regulations, so that they can carry out that work effectively.


(2) The information, instruction and training required by paragraph(1)shall be -

(a) given at regular intervals;

(b) adapted to take account of significant changes in the type of work carried out or methods of work used by the employer; and

(c) provided in a manner appropriate to the nature and degree of exposure identified by the risk assessment, and so that the employees are aware of -

(i) the significant findings of the risk assessment, and

(ii) the results of any air monitoring carried out with an explanation of the findings.