What we do?

Asbestos Compliancy for you the Duty Holder.


Under Regulation 4 the management plan must be dynamic.

Things change and information must be up-to-date so Duty to Manage Limited fits into the following section of the regulation.

"periodically review and monitor the plan and the arrangements to act on it so that the plan remains relevant and up-to-date"

A common misunderstanding is that the dutyholders achieve compliance once a Management Survey (Changed by HSG264 from a Type 2 survey) has been carried out.

This is incorrect, this is just the start. The management of material, risks, plans, emergency procedures, etc. it is an on going plan, continually changing. Achieving compliance has no definitive ending but is an ever changing state.

Which is where Duty to Manage Limited comes into play. So how do we facilitate this:

  1. Check the condition of all known asbestos whether sampled or presumed.
  2. Organise & manage survey projects.
  3. Check that the plan is correct. i.e. You may have had a refurb so rooms have changed, therefore the risk score is wrong.
  4. Inform you of any changes and/or immediate actions to take.
  5. Upload your registers to our " Management" internet portal so that your data is always live and viewable to allocated contractors.

We can additionally fulfil the following statement from Regulation 4.

"There is also a requirement on anyone to co-operate as far as is necessary to allow the dutyholder to comply with the above requirements."

In order for this to be possible staff can have Asbestos Awareness Training (Regulation 10 CAR2012) which can be done at your premises or on-line.